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Transforming Business Through Accounting Services

LUMENROCK has been built on hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and a drive for excellence. Why do our clients choose to be part of the LUMENROCK offering:

  • LUMENROCK has been recognized as one of the one of the most innovative accounting firms globally;
  • The oldest office that is currently within LUMENROCK, was already established 1914 in Oudtshoorn;
  • LUMENROCK has been initiated for more than a decade, since 2003, where we have started from a farm in Vrede, South Africa, to grow a geographical well-established footprint, offering a variety of services, from our multiple offices, and we are committed to continue growing our footprint in Africa;
  • We are known for our expertise and leadership, we pride ourselves in providing on-going and dedicated training and empowerment of our staff;
  • It is one of LUMENROCK’s core values to keep abreast of the latest development and submit to our Compliance and Advisory Board, that ensures we remain foremost, on our offering;
  • We are a member of the DölbergLUMENROCK Group and have an established client network of more than 6000 clients, and as such understand the needs and requirements from both individual to small, medium and large businesses in the market.

LUMENROCK has also won international acclaim by being named as one of Acquisition International’s Advisors of the year. LUMENROCK were also named the South African Full Business Advisor of the year at the ACQ5 Global awards.


LUMENROCK is a respected and knowledgeable accounting group, with an emphasis on three core principles, to ensure sustainable growth. These principles include an understanding of the fact that we are working with the wealth of our clients; building each office of our accounting firm around the unique purpose and value proposition for each one of them as a contribution to our clients and our Lumenrock Group; and always acting with responsibility in how we deal with our clients, regulators, tax authorities, current accounting practices and our people and our environment.


Marcus Cicero stated that magnificence – ‘greatness of spirit’ is ‘the thinking about and executing of great and lofty things with a certain large and splendid determination of spirit.’ Our commitment to Africa can only be achieved through a deep understanding of our clients and sharing our determination to achieve excellence. We have a clear understanding that the spirit of Ubuntu is the cornerstone of success on our continent. Sustained re-investment in Africa will ensure that not only our clients, but LUMENROCK, Africa and its people will benefit.


LUMENROCK Group provides three core services. Firstly, we provide accounting services in all its formats to our clients, be it; individuals, trusts or companies. These services are provided within our governance framework. Secondly, we provide advisory support in terms of tax or basic business advice. Finally, we provide support to our clients, any expertise we have, we make available therefore ensuring that your wealth is enhanced.

We, as LUMENROCK, invite you to join us on this journey of excellence to continue growing your wealth.