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Leading is not the same as being the leader. Being the leader means you hold the highest rank, either by earning it, good fortune or navigating internal politics. Leading, however, means that others willingly follow you—not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because they want to. – Simon Sinek

Pieter Esterhuizen
Pieter EsterhuizenManaging Director
Pieter is a founder of the Group and the Group CEO. He is an auditor with IRBA, a member of STEP, Family Firm Institute, SAIT, KI with the FSB, former president of SAICA Southern Cape and member of SAICA’s Regional Council.

His expertise is mainly in the accounting, tax and advisory fields. Pieter has been a CA since 1990, been involved in several auditing firms and financial services businesses.

He is a and co-founder of LUMENROCK.

Neil Oberholzer
Neil OberholzerDirector
Neil has been in the industry since 1965, former group accountant at Rusfurn Limited and group admin manager at Bears Furniture.

He has been in private practice since 1980, council member and former president of SAIPA. Neil has been an Associate of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1999. He is a member of IFAC, recipient of SAIPA’s President’s award and served on the Auditors Liability Committee of the European Federation of Accountants (FEE).

Isaiah de Jager
Isaiah de JagerDirector
Isaiah worked as an article Clerk from 1985 – 1989 during which he completed his B Com(Acc) degree. He went on to finish his Honors degree through Unisa in 1991. He moved to Botswana in 1993.
He worked for Afrox Botswana as their Financial Director from 1995 – 2002 after which he established his own practice, namely Corporate Management Services.

He joined the LUMENROCK team in 2015 and is based in Botswana.

Cobus Coetzee
Cobus CoetzeeDirect Marketing and Insurance Director
Cobus is a registered Key Individual and RE with the FSB and has been in the insurance industry for more than 20 years with several different companies.

He joined the Lumenrock Group in 2011 as co-founder of the financial advisory division and is sitting on a community NGO’s board.

He manages the financial advisory and marketing divisions of Dölberg Wealth and is part responsible for client liaison and client relationship management.

Japie Breedt
Japie BreedtInternal Communications and Leadership Director
Japie did his doctorate in Relational Leadership, is a Registered Mediator, has been in the counselling and relationship industry for more than 35 years and joined the group in 2013.

His expertise is mainly in the leadership and career development areas, internal and external communications and mediation services.

He is responsible in the group for team and leadership development, managing all internal and external relationships.